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Most homeowners in London and the South East have seen the value of their homes increase substantially over recent years to such a degree that, more often than not, the amount of equity locked up in the property is considerably more than the value of any other assets (be it investments or pension savings) a person might have.


Usually, for those below age 55 this equity is only accessible by either raising a mortgage against it or selling up completely. Having to move home can be a very unattractive prospect and sometimes a standard mortgage is unavailable or simply unaffordable.


For those over the age of 55, however, equity release could offer a viable alternative.

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You don't have to sell your home to unlock funds for retirement.

All the equity release providers we research conform to SHIP standards.

Some key points on equity release*:

•Two main types: Lifetime Mortgage and Home Reversion


•Available to homeowners aged 55 and over.


•Includes a right to remain in your home for life providing it continues to be your main residence and you do not need to go into long term care accommodation.


•(For lifetime mortgages) includes a negative equity guarantee ensuring that even if the amount owed to the provider on your death is more than the value of your property there will be no outstanding balance to be paid by your estate or potential beneficiaries.


*All the providers we research are members of the Equity Release Council and thus agree to comply with SHIP standards. Please see the Equity Release Council’s website for more details.

Charter Consultancy Ltd are proud to offer a team of experienced equity release advisers who, as fully qualified independent financial advisers, are able to help you review your financial situation and see whether equity release is an appropriate option for you.


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You can purchase a property with an equity release Lifetime Mortgage.

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